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Easter Holidays with the Museum #2

Welcome to the second week of our holiday crafts, we hope you enjoyed last weeks activities.  Don’t worry if you missed them or want to revisit one of them as they are still available – just click on the link below.

We have got three great new craft activities ready for you this week.

Thank you so much for joining us and we are really looking forward to catching up with you again in the May half term holiday (spoiler alert – we will be running some special booked sessions on prehistoric pottery as well as a great craft drop-in).

Papier Mache Prehistoric Pot

This is a great way to explore how prehistoric people made their pots – but without all of the mess!

You can make your pots as big or as small as you like – it just depends how much stuff you need to put in them!

YouTube Instructions

Click on the link for video instructions.

Seaside Scene

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

YouTube Instructions

Click on the link for video instructions.

Just the thing to get you in the mood for a day out by the seaside!

Instruction Sheets & Templates


Click on the links for instructions and templates

Treasure Bottle

You never know what you might find in a treasure bottle.

Instruction sheet

Click on the link for instructions

How many treasures are you going to put in your bottle?

YouTube Instructions

Click on the link to watch the instruction video.

We really hope you have enjoyed these activities and look forward to seeing you again next holiday for more craft activities.