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South Mill Arts is a local community arts and heritage venue in Bishop’s Stortford and is home to the Bishop’s Stortford Museum.  South Mill Arts is a charity and all the income we receive goes back into the building and the work we make for the local community.

Our links with music and performance run all the way back to the early 1960s when “The Rhodes Centre”, as it was then known, hosted up and coming artists who were to go on to become some of the most famous performers in the world (Bowie, The Who, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John to name but a few).

Since that time we have been constantly growing, adjusting to the changing needs of our local community as Bishop’s Stortford has evolved from a quiet market town into the busy and dynamic town that we see around us today.  Through all the years of triumphs and dramas, good times and challenges our greatest strength is, and always has been, the fantastic link that we have with our local community.

Everything we do is reliant on the help of our supporters who enable us to keep bringing you the best in theatre, community events and local history.

There are four ways you can help support South Mill Arts;

  • Become a SMArt Supporter and become a key part in the future of South Mill Arts.
  • Donate what you can, every penny helps!
  • Take part in the East Herts Community Lottery.
  • Visit us at South Mill Arts! Come along and enjoy a show, explore the museum or take part in one of our community events or classes.
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