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At South Mill Arts we are privileged to have such an amazing force of volunteers who are vital to the day to day running of the venue.  From ushers, to museum volunteers, they cover a wide range of activities and we are delighted to have them as part of our community.  Their contribution is invaluable to us and we wouldn’t be where we are without them!

Take a look about what a few of our volunteers have to say:

“I volunteered to be an usher 22 years ago when I moved to Bishop’s Stortford.  I needed to make new friends and found many during these happy years at South Mill Arts, not only other ushers but also with the customers who regularly attend.
Linda Smith

“I enjoy being an usher because I feel I am giving a little back to the community that has given a lot to me.  And it’s enjoyable too!”

“I enjoy being an usher because I enjoy the interaction with theatre goers of all ages. I enjoy the discussions after a film or show with the audience, especially those that have come alone.  I love being a part of a great community resource.” 

“I love being an usher at SMA as it is a very friendly and fun place to be. I enjoy meeting all the customers and helping them to have the best possible experience. I also get to enjoy a diverse range of shows and performances. There’s nothing not to like!”
Alison C

“I love being an Usher at SMA because it gives me the chance to give something back to the community and I enjoy supporting our local theatre by volunteering and have done so for the last 24 years!”
Alison M

“I like being an usher because as a group we help the audience and make it feel a friendly place to visit again.”
Jan Richardson

“Volunteering at South Mill Arts Museum allows me to follow my interest in history by doing something practical in archiving public donations.  After 40 years working it gave me a purpose after retirement and acted as a bridge between full time employment and settling into the post retirement lifestyle.’’
Jim Paterson

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at South Mill Arts, please get in touch at enquires@southmillarts.co.uk