Helping SOSA Fitness celebrate 10 years!

SOSA Fitness 10th Anniversary

On 27th February SOSA Fitness (Start Of Something Amazing) hosted a free community dance event at South Mill Arts, celebrating 10 years of inclusive fitness classes in the heart of the community. Taking over the auditorium with a riot of colour and upbeat music to get everyone moving, singing and laughing together.

SOSA Fitness is funded by National Lottery Good Causes, Sport England, EMD UK and This Girl Can to promote fun and accessible dance/fitness encouraging more people to be active.

It was a showcase event for the three different programmes that SOSA offer:

  • SOSA Dance Fitness (standing)
  • Seated SOSA Dance Fitness (seated)
  • Simply SOSA Dance Fitness (supported)

The movements and body styling for each programme is adjusted to suit participants who need to use a chair, either to sit fully (Seated) or use as a support (Simply). Making it an ideal exercise routine for those who suffer long term health conditions, are disabled, are older or on a GP health referral programme.

Founder Katy Barrow led the team on stage, where she shared her lifelong love for dance and her passion that it be fully inclusive for all, no matter age, shape, size or ability. She said “SOSA is such an incredibly fun, friendly group! I’m so immensely proud to be celebrating 10 years supporting local people to find their enjoyment in fitness again!”

It’s all about finding the fun in dance again, empowering yourself and those around you, without judgement or pressure.


SOSA Fitness takes place at South Mill Arts every Monday 10:15 – 11:15

Simply SOSA Fitness takes place at South Mill Arts every Monday 11:30 – 12:15 with tea & biscuits and social time afterwards.