Statement from Deirdre Glasgow, Chair of the Trust. 19.07.20

The Rhodes Birthplace Trust have placed a lot of information on the website
( regarding our future plans under “About us” . The
timeline for change (under Preserving and Celebrating Heritage on the
website) includes reference to the name change of the building, which will
not be named after a person past or present, the conversion from RBT to the
BS Museum and Arts CIO, as well as our support of schools and the wider
We were disappointed to learn of the intention for another demonstration to
take place outside the centre, despite our commitment to implement all the
changes as indicated on our timeline.
Nothing about our promise has changed, we continue to be committed to a
name change for the complex. The new CIO has been in existence since 9th
Jun 2020 and we are currently working towards completing the handover
arrangements between the existing charity and the CIO by the end of the
current financial year, in April 2021. Between now and next April, once all
other administrative details have been attended to, such as the corporate
relaunch and accompanying stationery, road signage and the website, a new
name will be applied to the building.
I am sure the community appreciates that during the pandemic all theatres
and museums were closed, including ours and no income could be
generated. We hope you will support us to ensure this wonderful venue stays
open so we can continue to provide a vibrant, informative museum, a diverse
arts programme, a welcoming Maltings bar and a return to all activities within
the centre. Once we begin to open we will be looking to raise additional
money for the rebranding, as well as other projects, as with all theatres and
museums it will take time for our footfall and income to increase. Any
donations would be warmly welcome.
TheMuseum, theTheatre and theScreen play a vital part in promoting the
community’s well being within the town. Paula Holland (Operations
Director), and her very small team having been working through lockdown to
ensure the centre can slowly reopen in line with government guidance. More
staff, volunteers, customers and hirers are returning.
We are now open from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday for refreshments. We
have continued to be opened for National Blood and we are aiming to offer
some cinema screening in August. Even planning for Christmas!!…. Watch
this space….
The staff are looking forward to welcoming all the community back. Already
many people are coming to enjoy a coffee and cake in a safe environment,
outside their homes, after many months of isolation. So please come along
and enjoy.