REVIEW: ‘When I went shopping, I bought…’ by Jasmin Busson

This summer, we are delighted to have the exhibition by Lucy Gray ‘When I went shopping, I bought…’ in our ArtSpace.
This exhibition looks into the shopping lists Lucy has found around Bishop’s Stortford.
Jasmin Busson (15), our work experience student writes her review of the exhibition:
I found Lucy Ireland Gray’s art interesting as it shows what is going on in other peoples lives that would make them need those specific items.  Each receipt had different handwriting, for example, some are neatly written and some are messy which could mean that they were in a rush to go shopping.
Some of them have places that they need essentials from which is interesting as it tells us where they got their food from.  There are different pieces of paper such as: sticky notes, scrap pieces of paper, notebook paper and decorated list paper.
This shows us what these people had lying around in their houses.  Some of the receipts had items crossed off which shows what they eat and what they like to eat, their lifestyle, ingredients they need to make something and other essentials the person needed from the shop.