Marjorie Prime – Reviewed by Jamie

Marjorie Prime – Reviewed by Jamie

If you come to this film expecting fast action, sci-fi aliens and elaborate set pieces then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Instead what this film offers is an alternative science fiction film. It focuses its energy into deep insightful exploration into themes of loss, memory and artificial intelligence – all whilst drawing parallels to dementia.

The film follows Marjorie (an elderly grandmother) living with her daughter and her son in law. It depicts Marjorie’s struggle with dementia whilst merging a science fiction twist; Marjorie has a holographic projection of her dead husband known as a (“prime”) to care for her and provide company. The holograms are reminiscent of those of the new blockbuster sequel “blade runner 2049” and once again this film deals with themes of loneliness and the blurring of reality. As the film progresses the Prime forces the characters to face their unsettling past as well as shaping an uncomfortably foreboding representation of our own future.

The screenplay has been adapted from a theatre play of the same name and ensures it sticks to those roots with the majority of scenes taking place within a singular setting of a coastal house. Furthermore, throughout its duration the plot almost completely unwinds within characters conversations. This is a nuanced and interesting approach despite often become a little heavy handed and long winded. Challenging the theatrical approach is the films flawless gliding cinematography throughout each scene creating a impression of grace and finesse.

Marjorie Prime is a refreshing break from the avalanche of explosive Hollywood blockbusters currently swamping the mainstream media – instead taking a compelling and thought-provoking approach into seemingly insurmountable topics. Although clearly not a film for everyone, it ultimately draws to a conclusion that sticks with you long after the rolling credits and for that I would argue this film is a success and worth seeing.

Marjorie Prime is screening at thescreen Stortford on Friday 19 February, Tuesday 23 February and Thursday 25 February – book tickets now.